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Richard Ellis Artist-Signed "The Grey Nurse Shark" Lithograph Print 1977

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Richard Ellis (1938-Current?)

Richard Ellis is currently recognized as a foremost artist of marine and natural history subjects. From his youth spent on the beaches of Long Island, he has been deeply involved with the sea and the animals that live in it.

As a marine biologist, Ellis brings to his art a unique respect and understanding for the ocean. In order to portray the fishes, whales and sharks that he does well, he has studied them from every vantage point.

Trained as a Scuba diver and an underwater photographer, he has spent hundreds of hours in, on, and under the ocean, in search of his subjects and the accurate representation of their environment.


Sheet Measures 22 3/4" Tall, And 27 1/2" Wide

Artwork Measures 18 1/2" Tall, And 24 1/8"

Great Pre-Owned Condition

Each Print Will Come Rolled Inside A Shipping Tube.