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Sale Of Metals to Jewelry Is Me (Dixon's Crumpton Auction) Submission Form

Please fill out the form below to submit your various items you wish to sell to us. When the form is received we will contact you shortly to verify the items you plan on shipping to us. At that time you will have the option to lock in at the current market prices. After confirmation, we will provide you with a fully insured prepaid USPS Priority Mail shipping label. Free shipping will be available for all lots totaling over $1500 in Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes. For all lots totaling under $1500, shipping fees will be deducted from final settlement payment.  It is preferred that all shipments be sent in a Priority Mail Flat Rate Box. Payment for your items will be available via check or electronic ACH. Please allow 24-48 hours for settlement payment upon receipt of the shipment. We are only a dealer to dealer wholesale organization. If you are an individual feel free to use our “Contact Us'' page, we will do our best to direct your contact information to another dealer that can offer you fair prices near your location. Individual sellers should just type in the word "Individual" where the form asks for a business name. If you have not dealt with us in the past, please upload business documentation with your submission to create an account with us. This will enable you to begin doing business with us.