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September / Sapphire

10k 10k Gold 10k White Gold 10k Yellow Gold 14k 14k Gold 14k White Gold 14k Yellow Gold 15 in 15in 16 in 16in 18k 18k Gold 18k Yellow Gold 19in 20in 32nd 32nd Degree 5 5.25 5.5 5.75 6 6.5 7 7 in 7.25 7.5 7in 8 in 8.5 8in 9.75 9k Gold \love abstract Accessories Amethyst ammethysts Animals antique antique jewelry Aquamarine Art deco band Bangle bar pin black sapphire black star sapphire blue blue sapphire Blue Topaz bracelet brooch brown sapphire Cabochon Carved Chain chain link Chain Necklace Chanel Set charm choker circle Citrine clam class cluster cocktail cocktail ring crossover cuff cufflink cufflinks cz czs dangle deco designer Diamond Diamond Ring diamonds Double Circle Double Eagle Double Row double star sapphire drop Eagle Earring earrings effy Egyptian Emerald emeralds engagement enhancer Estate Estate Jewelery Estate Jewelry estate jewlery Estate Ring fancy Filigree fire opal fire opals flower Gemstone Gemstone Pendant Gemstones gift Gold gold diamonds Gold Pendant Gold Ring gold sapphire ring heart Heart Love Heart Pendant Jewelry jewelry is me Jewelryisme Jewish large lever back link Lion loop love Love Pendant Marquise Cut Masonic Masonic Ring mcm men mens mesh mid century mid century modern modern multi stone Multi-Stone Multistone Multistone Ring necklace Open Band orange orange sapphire Ornate pearl pearls Pendant peridot pin pink Pink Sapphire Purple Purple Sapphire rubies Ruby Sapphire Sapphire Pendant Sapphire Ring sapphires Size 10 Solitaire Solitaire Ring star Star of David star sapphire Statement Statement Ring swirl tear drop tennis Three Stone Tier Topaz turtle Vintage vintage jewelry watch Wedding Band white White Gold white sapphire wrap wrap ring yellow Yellow Gold