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April / Diamond

.50 carat .50 tcw 1 carat 1.20 tcw 10k 10k Gold 11.5 14k 14k Gold 15 in 15in 16 in 16in 17in 18 in 18in 18k 18k Gold 19 in 19in 2.10 tcw 20 in 20in 21 in 21in 23 in 23in 24 in 24in 25 year 3 stones 4 leaf 5 6.25 7 in 7in 8 8 in 8.25 8.5 8in 925 Abstract accessories Acessories Affinity aircraft amethyst amethysts Ametrine amor animal antique antique jewelry aqua aquamarine Aquamarines Aquamrines arrow Art Carved art deco aventurine baby baby shoe band Bangle bar Bar Pin Beach Belt black black diamond Black Diamonds black enamel black jet Black Onyx black pearl blister blue Blue diamond Blue Topaz blue tourmaline Bow Bracelet brooch buckle Butterfly Bypass cabochon calla lily cameo Card Cards carved Casino celtic chain chain link Champagne Diamond channel Channel Set charm chesapeake Child chocolate chocolate diamonds Circle citirne citrine Citrines claddaugh clip clip on Clover cluster coca cola cocktail Cocktail Ring college coral crab Crescent Criss Cross Cross cross over Crown Cuff cufflink cufflinks Curb Curb Link curved cushion cut cz Dangle Deco Designer diamond diamonds dog Dome double Double Heart Double Row Drop Drp[ eagle earring earrings Effy emerald emeralds Enagagement Enagagement Ring Enamel engagement engagement ring Enhancer Enhancers Estate estate jewelry Etched fairchild fancy filigree Fire Opal Fire Opals flexible Flip Flop flower Flower'Floral flowers flying Frat frat pin fraternity free mason friendship Gambling garnet Garnets Geart gemstone gemstones gift gold gold diamonds green Green Citrine green spinel Green Tourmaline heart hearts heliodor hematite Hinged hoop hoops huggie infinity Initial inlaid intaglio Iolite irish j hoop j hoops Jackets jade jesus jet jewelr is me jewelry jewelry is me Jewelryisme Judith Jack jy key knot Lapis large larimar lavender law leaf Letter lever back leverback Light Blue Light Blue Topaz lighthouse link locket love lry is me Lucky Mabe mabe pearl mabel mabel pearl malachite Mason masonic Mens mexican opal mid century mid century modern modern mom Moon Mother mother of pearl Multi Gold multi stone Multi Tone Gold Multi-Stone multistone mystic topaz Natural Nature Nautical necklace Non Pierced nugget omega omega back onyx Opal opals open Open Band Open Diamond Open Work Oragnic Orange Topaz Organic Ornate Other oval pear pearl Pearls penant pendant peridot Peridots petal pin pink Pink gemstone Pink Sapphire Pink Yopaz pocketbook post potomac promise purple Purple Sapphire Purple Topaz purse quartz Red Pearl reef Religious Ring Statement rolo Rolo Link Rose Gold rose quartz Rubellite Rubies Ruby sapphire sapphires Sapphries screw back Seed Pearl Seed Pearls service shoe shriner Sigma Phi Epsilon Signet Silver Size 5 size 7 Skylit Slide smoky solitaire Sonia B sorority spinel Split Shank Stair Step star star of david star sapphire statement Sterling Silver stick pin stirrup STS stud studs swing Swinging Swirl Sword T Tanzanite Tanzanites Teal Teardrop Textured Thick three stone tie tac Tier tier ring Tiger Eye Toggle Toggle Clasp topaz topaz diamond heart pendant Topazes tourmaline tri colored gold tricolored gold trillion turquoise twilight Twisted v v shape vintage vintage jewelry Vintage Jewlery Vitrine wavy Wedding wedding band wedgewood white White Diamond white gold wide Wishbone Women wrap yellow yellow diamonds yellow gold Yopaz