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Antique Jewelry

Take a look at our collection of antique jewelry dating from the early 1800s to the 1950s.
10 year 10k 10k Gold 14k 14k Gold 15k 17 in 17in 18 in 18in 18k 18k Gold 20 year 25 year 5 year 5.5 6 6.25 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.25 8.5 8.7.75 925 Accessories acorn agate alpha amethyst amethysts animal antique antique jewelry AR Arts & Crafts Arts And Crafts baby Badge ball ball post Band bar Bar pin bilge bilge pump black blue Blue Gemstone blue green gemstone ring blue tourmaline boat bow brooch Butter Knife Butter Knives butterfly cabul club cameo cameo ring carnelian carved carved jade chain chain link charm coca cola college coral Crafty Crescent Cuff links cufflink cufflinks CZ dangle delta Demitasse demolay Designer Dessert diamond diamonds Double Pearl drop earring eastern star Emerald enamel enamel nurse gold pendant engagement Epsilon Pi Estate estate jewelry etched fancy fie Filgree Filigree fire opal fire opal leaf Flatware Floral flower Fork Forks four pearl frat Frat Pin fraternal fraternity free mason Freemason garnet gemstone gemstones georgetown gift gmstone gold gold dangle earring gold diamonds gold filled gold leaf ring gold pendant greek green hair hair locket heart hematite Hobbies Hor Doeuvres initial Initials intaglio Intial Italian Italy jade jet jewelr is me jewelry jewelry is me Jewelryisme kappa Knife Knives lapel leaf leaf ring Letter link locket Lot love Lucky Masnic Mason masonic men mens mens jewelry mesh Moon mother of pearl Motif Mourning Mourning Pin Multi Gold multi stone murano glass nature necklace nurse nursing onyx opal open Open Work organic Orher Ornate Other Partially pattern pear pearl pearl pendant Pearls pendant peridot Pickle pin post pump purple Purple Gem rebekah red Red Gemstone Rho Beta Tau Eta Sigma Rose Gold rubies ruby sapphire sapphires Seed Pearl Seed Pearls service Serving ship shriner Sigma Alpha Epsilon Signet silver Silver Plate Silverware Slide solider solitaire soroptimist sorority Spinel Spoon Spoons Star Starburst Cuff links Stars statement sterling sterling silver Stick stick pin stud Sword tassel tau teardrop texture textured Thick tie tac tiger eye topaz topaz diamond heart pendant tourmaline Turquoise Turquoises Unique university Unoaerre Utensils va victoria hospital vintage vintage jewelry watch watch chain watch fob Wedding Wedding Band white white gold white topaz Wide Wishbone women Womens yellow gold