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Antique Collection

10 year 10k 10k Gold 14k 14k Gold 14k Yellow Gold 14th degree 15 year 17 in 17in 18 in 1893 18in 18k 18k Gold 20 year 25 year 32 5 year 6.5 7in 800 silver 925 9ct 9k 9k Gold academy accesories accessorie Accessories Accessories Pin acorn agate all alpha amethyst amethysts amythist animal Animals Antique antique jewelry Antique Pin aquare arabian Army Corps Art deco Art Nouvea Art nouveau baby Baby ring badge Bage band bar bar pin belt bird black black enamel black jet Black Onyx black pearl Blood Stone Bloodstone blue Blue Gemstone Blue Iolite blue tigers eye blue tourmaline bottle bow box bracelet Brooch Cabochon Caduseus cameo cameo ring Carneilan carnelian carved celtic chain chain link charm chauffeur chi child Child's christian cintrine circle citrine Claddagh Class ring coca cola coke college Color Change Color Changing Color Changing Sapphire coral cross crown Cuff Links cufflink cufflinks Dangle deco delta Delta Phi Gamma delta sigma demolay designer Diamond diamond cut Diamond Pin Diamond Stick Pin diamonds double Double Pearl Drop Earring Earrings eastern star edwardian elry is me Emerald enamel enameled engagement Epsilon Pi Estate Estate Jewelry etched faith fancy fie figure Filagree filigree fire opal Fleur De Lis floral flower Flowers Fob frat frat pin fraternal fraternity fraturnal free mason freemason garnet gemstone gemstones gift gold Gold Brooch gold diamonds Gold Filled Gold Locket Gold Pin Gold Stick Pin greek green green agate Green Gemstone Hair Hair Locket harmony hawks eye heart Hematite Horse Horseshoe horshoe Incised Infant Initial Intaglio Irish Irish Pride Italian Italy jade je Jet jewelr is me Jewelry jewelry is me Jewelryisme jmch joseph jy kappa Know Twisted Large lava lavaliere le coultre leaf leather leaves link Locket Locket Pin lodge longines love love knot lry is me man mason masonic Medical Medical Caduseus men mens Mens Jewelry mesh moonstone morning motif Motiff mourning jewelry multi stone Multi Tone Multi Tone Gold multistone murano glass nature necklace Nurse Nurse Pin octagon omega onyx opal open open work organic Ornate Ornate Pin other oval pear Pearl Pearl Stick Pin Pearls pendant phi photo pi pill box Pin pink Platinum Poole post promise purple Purple Gem purple gemstone Pyrite quartz Random Things We Like rank red Red Gemstone religion religious roman rose gold round Rubies Ruby saint sapphire sapphires Saradonyx Signet screw back Scroll service service pin Shriner Shriners sigma sigma tau alpha signet Silver skull slide small Snake soilder soldier Solider solitaire solitare sorority Spoon st Star Starburst Starburst Cuff links statement sterling Sterling Silver stick Stick Pin stickpin stud swirl symbol teal teardrop Thick three stone tie tac Tiger Eye topaz tourmaline turquoise Turquoises university Unoaerre vintage vintage jewelry Washington College watch watch chain Watch Fob wedding Wedding Band white white gold White Sapphire White Topaz Wide Woman women Womens Wreath wrist watch WW1 yellow Yellow Gold Zelta Tau Alpha