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1856 Califoria Fractional 50c BG-311 PCGS MS63 Gold Coin

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Territorial gold coins were created out of necessity. They came from gold-rich states such as Georgia, California, the Carolinas, Oregon, and Colorado. It was in the late 1820’s discovered their rich gold resources which were supposed to be transported to Philadelphia for assay and coining. Unfortunately, it was dangerous and costly for these states to do so, and the US government ignored them.

The US Constitution prohibited the states to create their own money, but it did not prohibit individuals and private entities to produce their own. As a result, private minters, entrepreneurs, semi-official entities, and even fly-by-nights produced them. Later on, the government stopped these issues and proclaimed it illegal.

Today, territorial gold coins are still around but they are very rare. They are very expensive, too, but they make a good investment. They are both rich in gold content as well as history. The very first issue came from North Carolina and Georgia. This includes the Templeton Reid and Bechtler. Find these rare coins from First Class Coins today.


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coin is loose main photo make sure coin in centered but also take photo of coin off centered

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